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Somebody Call The Doctors, The Computer Doctors!

By: Chad Wednesday June 1, 2022 comments Tags: tech news, repairs, fort collins, computers, computer doctors

Hello, to all you readers out there! If you’re reading this, then it means we’ve officially launched our blog. Our mission with exploring this avenue of communication is to give you all, our wonderful clients, another path with which to engage and learn with us here at Computer Doctors. We will be covering a wide variety of topics, ranging from more entertaining pieces to articles we hope get you thinking and learning about the wide world of technology and computer repair.

As an introduction, we wanted to take some time and talk about our passions, goals, and the ‘big why’ as to what we do here at Computer Doctors. Passions and goals are pretty self-explanatory, and we’ll dig in to those shortly. However, the third point we want to talk about can be a little less clear – and maybe even seem redundant. When we say the ‘big why’ what we really want to convey is that underlying purpose, the thing that keeps getting us out of bed every morning excited to do all that we do. So let’s start with the easier two points to answer – our passions and goals.

productive computersIn a world that’s so connected and evermore online, it’s almost mandatory to have a well performing, reliable computer. Providing our clients with easy pathways to quality products is what we aim for, every day. We supply only the highest quality business grade refurbished computers to the Fort Collins and Northern Colorado area. Built to a higher standard than most consumer grade products, our business class machines are designed to last a long time while not slowing down with regard to their ability to perform – regardless of the task.

Many of our laptops are powerful enough to handle any business/home application, a late night binge of your favorite show, and even some light gaming on the side. We rigorously test all of our hardware to verify that it meets our standards of quality. This means that every machine we sell will have a battery that lasts sufficiently long enough for you to get through most daily tasks on a charge, any drives we install (mechanical or solid state) have a minimal amount of power-on hours, and all the creature comforts like speakers, screens and peripherals all perform as they did from the factory. Seeing clients get excited about a new machine, then seeing them carry that machine forward and make great use of it for many years is as rewarding a feeling as any other.

So now you know that our passion is connecting individuals with powerful technology to help achieve their own goals – both in and out of work. But that begs the question – what are OUR goals? Simply put, our goals are to continue to be a pillar of the northern Colorado technology landscape and provide world-class services to every one of our clients. While getting computers in the hands of people who need them is part of what drives us – providing lasting, quality services is another key factor. The world of computer repair can be truly daunting to approach as a consumer. It seems like every company is throwing their latest special offer or sale your way, and they’re constantly trying to get you to buy a new system while throwing out your last one. We think there’s a better way. Often times, with a little hardware tune-up here and a splash of software updates there – you can take your current computer from feeling sluggish, lethargic and downright frustrating to use, to feeling fresher than the day you first bought it. By providing our check-up services, you can easily get a diagnostic report of where your computer stands today, what to watch out for in the future and little things you can do moving forward to ensure that your system lasts you as long as possible. At the end of the day, we want our clients feeling valued and like their computers are in the best hands possible when they bring it to us the Computer Doctors.

stay connectedWith our passion and goals out of the way, it’s time to explore the final point of this blog – the ‘big why’ as to what we do. It’s not too much of an overstatement to say we’re nerds for all things tech here at Computer Doctors. That’s why fostering an environment where we get to share our expertise, passion and knowledge with the Fort Collins community, all while providing impactful – yet affordable – solutions and services to our clients is our ‘big why’. Having a place where we can make a difference by helping keep people engaged with technology makes every day at Computer Doctors one worth being a part of, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without our incredible client base and community. So what are you waiting for? Come on down to our store or give us a call just to talk shop, get your computer back on its feet, or ask that tech question that’s been nagging at you for far too long.

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About the Author: Chad

A life-long resident of Fort Collins, Chad knows the area and community well. After working in the digital marketing space for 5 years as a Senior Graphic Designer, he took a step back from the corporate sphere to focus his energy on a local small business.