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Virus Repair

Have a machine that's running slow, or maybe not even working anymore? This is the service for you. For $50 we intake any and all machines - giving them a thorough top-to-bottom inspection. As part of our check-up service we physically clean your machine, perform various malware scans, check your hardware and ensure your system is up-to-date with the latest driver and software updates. Our standard turnaround time is 3-5 business days, at the end of which we will deliver you a clear path forward for your system's unique situation. Call us today with any questions!

Virus Repair

Virus Repair

We can remove viruses and malware quickly and we guarantee our work! We use a suite of 10+ tools to cleanup virus infections, which are very thorough in seeking out and removing any and all malicious software. Our clients also benefit from being more educated on avoiding future infections and staying safe online. Don't risk using an computer infected with malicious viruses, bring your Mac or PC by for cleanup today!

  • Fast turnaround time

  • $150 flat rate price

  • 100% Guaranteed cleanup


New/Refurbished Computer Systems

Business Grade Computers

Computer Doctors has a variety of new and refurbished computers for sale. Most all of our machines are durable, business grade systems built for reliability and long life. Each system comes pre-loaded with useful software including a built-in antivirus shield and Office software. We stand behind our products and offer a 1 YEAR WARRANTY on every computer.

  • High quality business grade systems

  • 1 year hardware warranty

  • Data migration services available



Computer Doctors Membership

CompDocs Membership

We offer a one-of-a-kind membership plan that keeps your PC and/or Mac protected from viruses and malware! Sign up as a Computer Doctors Member today and receive the following benefits starting at just $10/month:

  • Unlimited Virus Repairs & Tune-Ups for one PC or Mac

  • Endpoint Anti-virus for advanced protection with an easy-to-use remote support tool

  • FREE check-up service for any Computer

  • 10% Off General Service Labor Fees 



Memory Upgrades

Memory Upgrade

Looking for an easy way to speed your computer up? Instead of buying a new system try looking into getting a RAM upgrade. RAM (Random Access memory) is used to store temporary program data and can provide major performance increases via upgrading both capacity and clock speeds. Pricing varies depending on computer model and RAM size so bring your computer by today for an estimate.





Hardware Repairs

Hardware Repairs

Computer Doctors employs experienced repair technicians who can fix almost any hardware problem! Our $25 Check-Up service includes analysis for whether your broken computer is worth repairing or replacing. Here is a list of some common hardware problems we can fix in shop:

  • Damaged Power Jack Connectors

  • Faulty Motherboards

  • Bad Power Supplies

  • Liquid Damage

  • Hard Drive Replacement and Upgrades

  • CPU Heatsink Repastes




Data Recovery

Fort Collins Data Recovery

A bad hard drive can result in the loss of irreplaceable data such as family photos or business records. Computer Doctors has a very high rate of success for data recovery and provides data services at an affordable price. Our advanced data recovery toolkit is even able to save data from badly damaged hard drives and non-functional computer systems.

In the rare case that your data is unrecoverable you will not be charged for the recovery attempt. Bring your computer by for an assessment today!

  • Data File Transfer - $100

  • Advanced Recovery - $200





Faster Computer Fort Collins

Is your computer running slower than the first day you bought it? Over time machines build up bloatware and unwanted startup processes. As hard drives age, they also tend to run much slower. Let us help speed up your computer via one of our many perfomance boosting techniques, starting at only $75!

  • Remove Unnecessary Start-Up Programs

  • Improve Windows Performance Settings

  • Check Hard Drive Physical Condition

  • Upgrade to a Solid State Drive to drastically increase performance


Talk with one of our world-class technicians today if you think our services may be for you!

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