What is covered under my warranty?

Our hardware warranty covers all hardware components on the item. Negligence is NOT covered by the warranty. Software issues including viruses are NOT covered by this warranty, as that is software related. Items can be returned within first 15 days of purchase, but are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Receipt necessary.

What's included in my $50 Check-Up?

  • Our complete check-up service checks the most common areas of system failure.
  • An overview of problem causes and resolutions.
  • An estimated quote for full repair.
  • Our opinion on whether repair or replacement is the best option for you!

How long does a typical check-up take?

-We can usually diagnose your machine within 3-5 business days, some cases can take longer.

-Need your machine back quickly? Ask us about our $50 expedited service option!

Why is my machine running slowly?

  • Malware Infections

Malware can cause a variety of serious problems such as holding your computer for ransom or collecting personal data to sell to 3rd parties. It can slow your computer down and often display unwanted ads in the web browser you are using. If you'd like to run a quick virus check, Microsoft provides a program that can quickly scan your machine for virus infections. Find out if you need virus repair by calling us today!

  • Drive Failure

Broadly speaking, drive failure means that there are blocks (sections where data is stored) on your hard drive that are becoming non-readable/writeable. Failing hard drives will often result in a slow or completely unusable system and can sometimes result in data loss. If you think your system may be suffering from storage failure, don't wait - bring it in to us as soon as possible.

  • Lack of System Memory

System memory, or sometimes referred to as RAM, is used to temporarily store data before it is offloaded to the processor. A good indication that your system needs more system memory installed is if your computer really bogs down when you open multiple programs at one time.

We recommend the following quantity of System Memory for each Operating System:

  • Windows Vista/7 - 2GB for basic users
    4GB+ for advanced users

  • Windows 10/11 - 8GB for basic users
    16GB+ for advanced users

To check your installed system memory, you simply need to open File Explorer, right-click on 'This PC' and choose 'Properties' from the menu you are presented with. Check the 'Installed Ram' label to get an exact measure for your system.

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