Custom Built Computers Custom Workstations and Gaming Builds

Whether you are a graphic designer, video producer, CAD designer, or serious gamer it is clear that most off the shelf computers are not built to handle your computer needs.  Our team of experts can help you design a custom workstation or gaming pc build that will fit your specific needs.

Colorado Computer Doctors is the premier custom computer builder in Fort Collins. We can service all your needs for both workstation custom builds or the best gaming pc build money can buy.  With access to all of the latest parts and technicians that know how to pair them up for optimal performance, you can be sure your workstation pc or gaming computer will last for years to come.

Gaming PCs

Modern computer games can be very taxing on a computer.  Items like the latest generation power supply, graphics card or processor can be the difference between an experience that is visually stunning and a game that is unplayable

Gaming performance is achieved with state of the art components that are compatible and will operate optimally.

Workstation Computers

Workstations are designed for different tasks than gaming computers.  As a result, they require many of the same parts but optimized in a different way.  Using High performance processors, like the Intel Xeon processor, will allow you to process large amounts of data quickly.  

Pairing these processors with large amounts of memory will allow you to run complex processes related to data analytics, CAD, engineering calculations, and more. While you may see some overlap in parts for workstations they tend to be more purpose-built for specific use cases.  

Custom Built Computer Parts List

While there are many sites out there that help you pick parts for computers, there is no replacement for an expert that knows how to optimize each part for the best performance.

Let’s talk about some of the critical parts you should be talking about with our team.


There are 2 main computer processor manufacturers in the market.  If you ask custom gaming PC builders, you will start the age-old argument of AMD or Intel.  Both brands are making great processors and our team will help you pick between the AMD Ryzen series or an Intel Core processor. 

Picking your processor will give you the direction for the rest of the build.


Your motherboard is what controls everything on your computer.  There are several tiers of motherboards on the market with features that vary based on your needs.  There are a few key features that you should look for regardless of your custom computer build

  • M.2 slot
  • USB 3.0 or above
  • Onboard Wifi
  • Compatibility with the latest generation components

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is your computer short term memory and is a critical part of your systems speed. Depending on your needs we recommend a minimum of 16 GB of RAM for your system.  This is quickly becoming the standard

Graphics Cards

Graphics cards allow your computer to process high-end graphics efficiently so you can game or process video for the best user experience.  Whether it be the latest and greatest GeForce RTX 3090 for your gaming PC or the AMD's RDNA2 graphics card, the right GPU can be a performance game-changer.

Hard Drive

Storage is critical in our systems.  With programs requiring more and more storage and hard drive prices becoming much more affordable, it is easy to beef your system up to handle all of your games or projects.  We recommend M.2 for your boot drive and an additional high capacity storage drive. Don’t worry our team will make sure you get the storage you need

Computer Case, Power supply, and Cooling

Computer cases have come a long way in the last few years.  New cases have cool visual features like Tempered glass opening, RGB lighting, and custom configurations.  If bright flashy lights are not your style there are plenty of options without all of that as well.

Your power supply is what splits the power to all your parts.  Like cases, there are plenty of different options on the market.  We recommend a few features that will help your system run the best it possibly can.  

  • Minimum 500W power handling
  • Modular or semi-modular design

You have all kinds of horsepower under the hood now and unless you effectively cool it you will run into a lot of computer repair problems very quickly.  Traditionally, fans have been used to cool systems. They are a proven method to keep your system running at optimal temperatures. In the last few years though liquid cooling has become more popular and affordable.  

Liquid cooling uses a radiator and pump system to circulate coolant across the surface of critical parts like graphics cards, hard drives, and processors.  These setups typically allow a computer to cool 30-40% more efficiently improving performance and reliability.

If you are in need of a custom computer in Fort Collins contact our team. We will work with you to design a custom system that is setup and optimized for your ideal application.

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