Dear Computer Doctors Patients,

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Computer Doctors is making changes effective immediately to better serve you in these times. These changes will be in effect until further notice.

We will continue to operate within our normal business hours, Monday – Friday 10:00-6:00, Saturday 10:00-2:00. As many of our customers are considered high risk, we’re offering a pickup and drop-off service as a way to help serve our quarantined customers. Pickups and drop-offs will be available from 11:00am-5:00pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our fee for this service is $50, which covers the pickup and drop-off service. This service is available for customers within a 10-mile radius of our storefront.

To ensure the safety of both our clients and our employees, we’ve put together the following policy for this new service:

  • Trouble ticket and payment will be made over the phone prior to the scheduled pick up
  • After trouble ticket and payment is made, we will schedule an appointment for pick up and request that you have the computer on your front porch, ready to be picked up 2 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time. For everyone’s safety, Computer Doctors employees will not be permitted to enter your home and must only speak with the customer if absolutely necessary at a 6-foot distance.
  • A Computer Doctors employee will leave a copy of your invoice and business card taped to your door when picking up your computer.
  • After diagnostic and service has been performed, we will call you for payment and schedule a time to drop off your computer at your doorstep within 5 minutes of the scheduled time.

A note from the owner:

Thank you all for the support over the past nine and a half years! Time has flown by, and I can’t believe we’re approaching the 10-year mark in September! We’ve spent the last few weeks discussing how we should adapt to the new world we’re living in, whether it be a temporary closure, adjusting business hours, or adapting our business model. In order to honor and serve our employees and customers we’ve decided to temporarily adapt our business model to accommodate our quarantined customers by adding the pickup and drop off service. Although business has dropped significantly over the past month, we are dedicated to keeping our customers served and our employees employed.

Together we will get through this, and come out stronger and more resilient. Continue to take care of your neighbors (at a responsible distance). We’ve got this!

Thank you,

Computer Doctors Team